Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Parry Music Ltd PML170 Small Industry Eric Swan [1987]


Maestro said...

Dear Phylips,
Thanks for your last reply.

I have a question.
if i don't make a mistake there was a nice animation made by French people called:"Wattoo Wattoo".

The French name was:"Le nouveau
Wattoo Wattoo."
It had very nice Music.
I want to know who was its Composer and what was the name of this nice track.

I hope you can help in this case.
Best Regards,

Phylips said...

Oef, I am living in Holland and dutch television rarely broadcast french productions. Maybe you can write to french bloggers or TV5, often they are very helpful. Good luck!

Dirkson said...

Ooh Ooh Phylips,

Thank you once again for your crazy amount of uploads all the time. It's almost hard to keep up with you and to listen to everything you post! But it is all GGRREEAATT!

Maestro said...

Dear Phylips,
Thanks for your hints.
Is this the site you mentioned?


I'll try to contact them.

Also that's nice you are from the Netherlands.

Now,I just have a question that a person from your country can answer.

There is a very nice composer from Holland called:"Martin Agterberg."

He has two albums,but I couldn't find them.
They are old vinyls and it's hard to find them.

Also he has released a selection of his albums on a Cd called:"Ballerina".

I searched everywhere to buy this CD but didn't have any chance.

Do you know any place that I can order this CD?

I really need to buy his albums.

Even,i didn't find his albums as mp3 ones.


Thank you.

Phylips said...


On that site you can buy them. I'm nort familiair with his works so whenever you've ripped them please mail me a link so that I learn who Martin Agterberg is.

Paul Durango said...

Hey there! Top share / thanks!

This LP has a very peculiar sound imo.. Some tracks sound really 1987 whereas other are more in a very-early-80s mood.. (the very minimalist ones..)

Microdata made me think right away about Jacno's Triangle and Rectangle..


Very nice! Do not hesitate in posting more 1980-1987 library gems such as this one!

Phylips said...

Hi Paul, yes, I recognize that he is using Yamaha's first MSX5 music computer using the standard sounds [poly 8], real 1 or 2 tone-generators and all step mode.....