Tuesday, September 16, 2008

MontParnasse2000 MP91 Sound J.P. Decerf & M.Saclays


archigram said...

Ah, one of the best! A very solid album.

house303 said...

This is definitely a very good one!

You're always coming up with incredible new stuff...I can't believe it...I can only salute your generosity one more time!


Franck said...

Thank you Mr. P for those good records and quality scans.

Water said...

Forgive my ignorance,
how do I go about hearing what you are sharing?

At present i can only see the magnificent scans.

I also have many MP2000 albums i could share.

Phylips said...

Hi Water, don't write only your intension, just DO IT! I'm very curious which MP's you come up!

Gianni said...


Gianni said...

J.P. Decerf & M.Saclays
are crazy and cool artists!
what fantastic sounds inside this release!
thank you for sharing it