Sunday, September 21, 2008


Maestro said...

Dear Phylips,
May I ask you to share some "April Orchestra" albums?

April Orchestra Vol. 1 (1982) (with Yannick Top)
April Orchestra Vol. 38 (1981) (with Yannick Top)
April Orchestra Vol. 49 (1982) (with Yannick Top)
April Orchestra Vol. 50 (1983) (with Yannick Top)

or Some albums by Roland Romanelli like:

Roland Romanelli
Illustration (1982)
Cosmos (1987) (with Francis Lai)
Le coeur au bout des doigts (1985)
Memoires Library Vol.3 (1987)

Various - Dramascope (1985)

Also thanks for sharing albums by J.P.Decerf.
I hope you can share more albums by him like:
(1978) Keys of Future
(1979) Reincarnation
(1978) Open Air
(1979) Sound Space

Somebody has listed all of his albums here:

Thanks in advance.
Kind Regards,

Phylips said...

I am sorry, I have none of the titles you've mentioned [I collect library just for the last 2 years]

Phylips said...

And Nr.60 = Dramascope

trkizbrki said...

P. Many thanks for these great sounded lp's