Friday, September 26, 2008

Chappell CHAP213 Science Fiction Various Artists [Roger Roger Georges Teperino Robert Farnon et al] Cult 1950's - 1960's sf with strange alien sounds & cosmic atmospheres


house303 said...

What a great share you offered here!


Maestro said...

Dear Phylips,
I need your email please as I want to send one track by "Martin Agterberg" to your email.
So you can decide about his music.

I already managed to find one track by him and you can listen to it.

Also thanks for your information about

Have a nice day.
Best Regards,

janus2810 said...

Hello there! I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you for the great posts! Nice to see someone posting rips from their own collection! Big props to you! JP

Brooklyn Hotspur said...

You have been sharing some of the craziest Library records I've EVER seen along with some of the rarest!


KlickBeats said...

Sorry bit how do I donwload those Vinyls from here since everybody is so excited ?

Dhyan Mukuta said...

mukuta has the saame question as above
so please contact me

house303 said...

For some reason all the links were erased. I can't even think about the idea that Phylips decided to close his blog. But it damn sure looks like it. Geez!

shiryu7 said...

Can someone upload 1st encounter (creasound) please? I've been looking for this one for ages and ages. Thank you so much.

house303 said...
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house303 said...

You can find it here:

shiryu7 said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

I really hope this blog will come back. I am saddened that I have only just discovered it...

aceha1 said...

Is there any way to dl these albums?

CBlack said...

Thanks so much for the albums I got. Sorry to see that none is available any more. What a treasure trove!

Kosmische Nazgul said...
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Beatnik said...

I´m afraid not.

Stay in touch and send your good vibes to Phylips !!!

mezon said...

Oh no!, Have all the links gone? what happened?, damn shame, I loved this blog and all the cool rips you were sharing!, my faves were all the klaus wess and Joel Vandroogenboeck ones. They were all brilliant, Cheers

B├źndi said...

hi sorry for my question but where are the links please ??


badhabitz said...

??? where have all the links gone????

Luciano Curumin said...

I didn't find the link too.
How can I do?
great thanks!

heraclitodrogado said...
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upkerry14 said...

Someone probably pissed him off.....

Maestro said...

Is there anyone here who can share albums by:"Sauveur Mallia".

All the links are removed.

Thanks in advance.

Paul Durango said...

FYI I RE-UPLOADED 44 of paintedonsilence's shares here :

Phylips riped and shared those in the 1st place so thank HIM !

This blog was (is ??.. C'MON ! ;-) .. make it an 'is'......) AMAZING !!

Maestro said...

Dear Mezon,
Please check your blog and its Comments.


mezon said...

Hi Maestro, I should get round to doing the vandroogenboeck re-ups courtesy of painted on silence this weekend (if time permits), Library Hunt has already upped "Lost continents" so that's one down so far. I'll post here with links.

mezon said...

Hi Maestro et al, I found a sharebee link for Vandroogenbroeck's "biomechanoid" courtesy of "prog not frog" blog, here:

Prog not frog page link:

Please advise if all sharebee links are dead

mezon said...

Maestro, the excellent Library Hunt Blog has most of the vandroogenbroeck lps still up anyway!, phew!

I think only "Open air impressions" by said artist is the only missing one left, which I'll do this weekend.

All the best,

Maestro said...

Dear Mezon,
Thanks for sharing these albums.

All albums by this composer on this blog are as follows.

Also "Lost continents" whicxh is re uploaded by great Paul has a change in its quality,if I don't make a mistake.

So please upload it again in real quality if you don't mind.

Thanks in advance.
Here are the albums that I need:

Coloursound CS 9 Open Air Impressions Joel Vandroogenbroeck [1980]

Coloursound CS13 Industrial Retrospect Joel Vandroogenbroeck

Coloursound CS8 Lost Continents V.D.B. Joel

Coloursound CS7 Birth Of Earth V.D.B.Joel & Marc Monsen + V.D.B.Joel & S.Burdson

Coloursound CS43 Middle Ages V.D.B. Joel

Selected Sound5126 Sunrise V.D.B. Joel [1993]

mezon said...

Just upped "Open air impressions" for starters so far:

Open Air Impressions JVB

Looking at your list I just realised I missed a few on Painted original post! (anyone have them?). I only have two more on your request list, they are:

Coloursound CS8 Lost Continents V.D.B. Joel

Coloursound CS7 Birth Of Earth V.D.B.Joel & Marc Monsen + V.D.B.Joel & S.Burdson

They'll be next,

Phillip Dampier said...

Just wanted to throw in my two cents and thank Phylips for all the hard work and great music. Am not sure what may have gone wrong, but wanted to make sure you knew your work is appreciated!

mezon said...

Lost Continents:

Birth of Earth:

All files originally courtesy of Painted on Silence, re-zipped & re-upped as per request.


Hey This blog is great!!

can someone post a link for Coloursound CS83 Expectations - by Alfons Weindorf & Curtis Briggs?

it's here on the site but with no link..

Anonymous said...

i have birth of earth ill up it when i get a chance

Zalgo said...

How can I get all treasures You're posting here?


fpunky said...

So sad to see the music gone. I didn't even know there was a Disco & Co. Vol 3. A complete second volume is as rare to find as snow in Miami. If anyone can upload either vol 2 or 3, I would be very grateful.

darth said...

can anyone help me locate some stomu yamash'ta stuff? please. thank u.

Kate said...

Love your Blog! I have been searching for Eric Peters albums ever since I fell for the "Lesson Broadcast"/"Mind Control" music from the Prisoner. I am dying to get my ears round this Chappell Music album of Erics, any chance you could re-up this one?

Kate said...

Sorry I meant to say can you re-up the post for Chappel Recorded Music LPC861-866 Eric Peters et al
Thanks again!

mike flugennock said...

I'm sorry, but I can't seem to see the download links for these albums.


ZM76 said...

Here is a link to the old PDF that came in all of the Painted DLs. Hope it is of some help.

Moook said...

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Paul Harvey said...

There are so many of us over at the Librarymusicthemes forum who have Painted On Silence to thank for their introduction to the library music universe and beneath the KPM compilations lay a plethora of the strangest and most beautiful music ever conceived.

It would be great to see you pay a visit, Phylips, - it's full of good people who actually share with each other and are delight in each others discoveries - also if you don't want to make your rips public, the message system works very well in distributing rips.

If you do ever come and visit - say hello to "saucer people", it would make my day!