Sunday, September 14, 2008

Berry Music Conroy BMLP049 R Owen B Campbell Eddie Warner Nino Nardini P Buchell [1968]



litlgrey said...

Ack... some of these MP3s are really distorted (too hot... blown out), but the compositions are fantastic.

Will you have an opportunity to review and rerip this?

Phylips said... sounds fine here, but I reupload a second version53449 KB...and yes it is an extremely jazzy warm piece of music...if this isn't ok enough I'll record again the 10''

litlgrey said...

Thanks, and I will check it again from here!

litlgrey said...

Ahhh, nice and clean, and also, VERY full of sound... what fidelity those disks had!
Eddie Warner's tracks are stone cold killers.

Vinyl Room said...

Thanks but where is the link?


litlgrey said...

All links on this blog are dead. The blog is dead. You needed to be here a year ago. Sorry.